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5 Special HOT Spots to Touch a
Woman That Will Drive Her Wild

This is part 2 of the electric sex series.

And these series are not for men who are okay with boring and below average sex life that they are having with their partners.

If you missed the first part, you SHOULD click here to read it now before you continue with this second part.

Let me start this second series by referring to an email that I received after I sent out the first part.

It is from a man who probably lives a boring and frustrated life. You will agree with me as soon as you read his email below:

I call him frustrated man.

james or whatever you call yourself. Why do you write and post sexual issues in the public? Don't you know it is bad? na wa o.
I wonder why you Nigerians will do anything just to get money.

- Frustrated Man

I decided not to reply the man directly but if I were to reply him, this is what I will say below:

Dear frustrated man,

I am very happy that I am able to offer solutions to sexual problems that a lot of men SILENTLY face everyday.

And the reason why both men and women face a lot of problems in the area of their sexuality is because nobody talks about these things.

Anyway...I am happy with what I am doing because it works for people and it makes their lives better.


Check out the testimony below that I got last week via email from someone about the "Get Massive" product that I created around May this year.

This is the same way I have received a lot of positive feedbacks for all my other products.

Even, if you checked the comments on Part 1 alone, you will be astonished at the number of positive feed backs that were not solicited for.

That is ONE of the reasons why I am creating a new product title How to Have Electric Sex as well. I am anticipating the huge flood of testimonies that will fill my inbox.

By the way, let me now go into the main topic for today.

I ended the last part with this statement below:

Get this -  One of the great secrets to better sex is connectivity. Eyes open, sharing each other's breath, nice pace. When she is naked, she wants you to tell her that she is beautiful.

You see, if you want the way you make love to a woman to greatly improve, the first thing you should consider is the fact that there is a lot of differences between men and women.

For instance, sex is usually about 90% physical and 10% emotional to men.

On the other hand, sex to women, it is more of about 60% emotional, 30% physical and 10% spiritual.

This is why you might not be able to get a woman to experience electric feelings if you only focus on the physical aspects and ignore the emotional sides.

The bottom line of this is that:

Women need to be fulfilled emotionally, and know that they are loved and desired for who they are, and not just a sexual object.

Almost all the parts of a woman's body can be triggered sexually if you know how to do it and this is if you have some bit of patience because most men are always in a rush.

With that said, let's now talk about the 5 Unusual hot spots that will drive her wild.

The 5 HOT Spots

1. Her Elbow Crease - This is an area on a woman's body where blood vessels are very close to the surface of her skin, making it hypersensitive. Hold her hand and slowly straighten her arm, then gently kiss along the crease on the inside of her elbow. Then use your tongue to gently lick across her skin in the same area.

2. Her Hands - Massage her hands. The palm has about 40,000 nerve endings and when you stimulate them, you cause an electric feeling to run through her whole body.

How? Interlock your fingers with hers and then use your thumb to massage her palm and the base of her fingers in a circular motion. You can also do this as well in public. It works wonders and gives more erotic power.

3. Her Stomach - Caress her stomach and start just below her breasts and move towards her belly button, caressing and kissing her there softly. By slowing down when you do this, you will soother her and get her to relax. This will also increase bloodflow to her clitoral complex and get her more excited.

4. Back of Her Knees - Do you know that the back of a woman's knees harbour some nerve endings known as Pacinian corpuscles that are extremely sensitive to pressure?

Start to run your fingertips starting from her ankles and gently run it up the back of her calves until you reach the soft area behind her knees.

5. Her Thighs - Majority of men pay no attention whatsoever to a woman's thighs because they are in a rush to what is in between them.

Just slow down.

First, tease her with your fingers. Move up her legs, then pull away a little. Then use your tongue to caress her and let her feel your breath. Then return to using the finger again.

There you have 5 of them.

I will be releasing the full version of the How to Have Electric Sex Guide at an introductory price by next week Monday which is July 21, 2013.

Watch out for an email with the subject line that says "Download Your Copy of Electric Sex" on that day.

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The Electric Sex guide is NOT for men who are selfish and do not want their partners to have a taste of good sex.

It is for men who cherish their wives and girlfriends and want them

When you get the Electric Sex Guide, you should not ONLY use it for yourself, you should also share it with some few men that would cherish the information contained in it.

Finally...if you are one of those people who think that enjoying Better and Hotter Sex with your woman is a bad thing, please do me a favour:

Do NOT get a copy of the "How to Have Electric Sex" guide.

Thanks for reading.

Your Men's Health/Sexuality Expert,
Uncle James

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